Stéphane Marcel

What actions or commitments are you putting in place to promote women’s rights?

On the professional side, I don’t do positive discrimination, I find it insulting. We only look at the competence and if the person is suitable for the position. Since I have been at Gekko, I think that women represent 50% of the IT hires that have been made. The same goes for salaries: equal pay for equal positions and experience. On the personal side: my wife and I have always shared tasks, whether it’s housework, cooking, parenting, business decisions, etc. It’s a non-issue between us. It’s a non-issue between us in fact.

What role model has positively impacted you in your life and what is the lesson he/she has taught you?

Definitely my father. He taught me to respect people, all of them without exception.

What anecdote would you like to share with the whole Gekko family about femininity/masculinity?

When I was 13, we went to live in Africa, and one of the first times my parents’ colleagues came to the house, my sister and I were there and the person said to my mother: “Oh, you have two daughters…”