Julie Joubert

What actions or commitments do you put in place to promote women’s rights?

The women at Gekko value all women’s rights on a daily basis: they work, they are independent, wives, mothers… They live their lives as they wish!

What role model has positively impacted you in your life and what is the lesson he/she has taught you?

Without hesitation my MOM! It may be a bit of a cliché, but no other woman inspires me more than her. A strong, beautiful, cultured woman! She instilled in me beautiful values, such as generosity, tolerance, and perseverance.

What typical female anecdote would you like to share?

Having lived in Ireland for a few years, I participated in pro-abortion rallies. I was deeply shocked that one of my colleagues, following a rape, had to have an abortion in England, alone and without support. As a reminder, until 2018 abortion was illegal in this European country.