Our 4 DNA’s elements

These values are driving us everyday.

That is part of the DNA of Gekko Group since the beginning.

And we are convinced that those values are a big part of the Gekko’s success story.



Gekko is a professional, but also a human adventure, which today has about 120 employees. What drives our teams is above all a shared passion: the ambition to develop Gekko and to set new goals.


B2B Expertise

We are experts in our field. Since 2009, we have established ourselves as the international leader in the entire B2B hotel value chain. Today, more than 600 major companies and 14,000 travel agencies trust us and work with us.



At Gekko, we are proud to own our technology.
We are constantly reinventing and innovating in order to best meet all your hotel needs.



We are a french company, based in Paris. And we are very proud to have had the opportunity to successfully internationalise. Today we are present all around the world. What’s next?


Live a unique human adventure


We are the architects of a world of passion: travel. And this pleasure is shared. For more than 10 years, Gekko has brought together men and women from very different cultures and backgrounds, but all united by the same commitment and a deep attachment to the company, where the quality of the human relationship is an asset at the service of hotel needs.

B2B Expertise

More than collaborators, we are experts in our field.


For more than 10 years, Gekko has positioned itself as the European leader in online B2B hotel reservations. A success made possible thanks to the know-how and skills of its employees.


At Gekko, our teams are driven by the same desire: to innovate.


Every day, we write what tomorrow’s hotel world will be like. To undertake by challenging the existing. We are constantly looking for new ideas, those that will allow us to build the Gekko of tomorrow, to offer services and products in line with the changing needs of our customers and to position ourselves as a key player in the tourism sector.


Born in France, shining all over the world.


Gekko has been created in France,  and is now present in a dozen countries around the world. In the years to come, this desire for internationalization will be at the heart of our objectives and our missions. This internationalization is also felt within our teams. Today, our employees represent 18 different nationalities. We are proud of this cultural diversity, which encourages open-mindedness, creativity and innovation.