Yoann Laheurte

What actions or commitments are you putting in place to promote women’s rights?

As a man, it’s difficult to stand up for women without wanting to take their time. But I think that we must listen to their demands. As a man, I have never been subjected to sexist harassment, I have never been afraid to go home alone after a night out with friends, and there are many other examples that could be cited. So, being aware of one’s privileges is one step, but showing empathy and listening to women is another, and finally not remaining passive in front of sexist situations that we can see every day by interposing ourselves.

What role model has positively impacted you in your life and what is the lesson he/she has taught you?

I have always been surrounded by women, so they have really impacted everything in my life. Growing up with them has allowed me to educate myself on the subject of feminism. Through simple stories or testimonies, that’s when I realized that we didn’t ask ourselves the same questions when facing the same situations. Some may say that since we are not directly concerned by these problems, we should not be interested in them, but I learned a lot by understanding them.

What anecdote would you like to share with the whole Gekko family about femininity/masculinity?

Although the term “feminist” can be scary for some people, we are all feminists if we agree that there are inequalities between the genders. For me, this also means deconstructing masculinity in men and by men, i.e. questioning the stereotypes and values that have been imposed/instilled in us by society (culture, education etc.). When I was younger, I felt the sexism even from a young age, seeing girls being considered “tomboyish” because she did different things or wore her voice more, or that a boy was “effeminate” because he hung out with girls or had more “feminine” attitudes. All this shows that a woman who imposes herself is disturbing and that to have “more feminine” behaviors for a boy denigrates his gender, by behaving not like the others. All this is part of the debate that we must all have together and that everyone must do personal work on their own gender.