We are more than people. We are talented.

We are passionate. We are many brands but ONE family.

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Our team


Fabrice Perdoncini

Chief Executive Officer



  • Think out of the box
  • Transform constraints into a field of opportunities
  • Develop effective strategies
  • Lead teams to make the best of them
  • Maintain a relationship of trust with Gekko clients
Delivered with: A lot of ambition for the company

and an incredible energy and availability


Hidden Talent: His groove on the dancefloor

Matthieu Chevrier

Chief Digital Officer



  • Define a suitable technological strategy, that is innovative and generates value for the company
  • Define and deliver the digital roadmap in all company departments
  • Ensure the security, performance and proper use of data from the company’s digital platforms
Delivered with: A Silicon Valley mindset


Hidden Talent: His frenglish accent

Elodie Noriant

Marketing & Communication Director

Miles Attack Managing Director



  • Define and feed the Marketing & Communication strategy of all Gekko Group brands
  • Define and develop a global business and marketing strategy for Miles Attack program
  • Enhances the creativity of her dream teams (even the most eccentric ones), uniting them to let their best selves shine
Delivered with: Laughter that does not go unnoticed and unwavering productivity (we are not sure if she sleeps at night)


Hidden Talent: French Rescue Champion

Eric Vidal

Chief Financial Officer



  • Monitor company’s profitability, treasury position and future cash needs
  • Validate company’s strategy and return on investments
  • Provide tools to support the management in decision making
  • Implement strong financial processes to protect company’s assets
  • Ensure compliance with tax and legal obligations
Delivered with: An unfailing rigour


Hidden Talent: Best middle-aged risotto cooker in Paris

Julie Joubert

Operations Director



  • Enhance client’s experience
  • Support the sales department to deliver the best client service
  • Optimize team & productivity
Delivered with: an unfailing motivation & client’s satisfaction dedication


Hidden Talent: She competes with Fabrice’s groove on the dancefloor

Audrey Tachdjian

Human Resources Director



  • Implementing the company’s HR strategy
  • Understand the company’s HR issues and propose solutions adapted to the Executive Management
  • To be the representative of General Management on all HR issues
Delivered with: A good sense of communication and outfits always at the cutting edge of the latest trends


Hidden Talent: Knows all of Celine Dion’s songs by heart

Stéphane Marcel

Chief Technical Officer



  • Deliver and manage the technology roadmap which is the most important thing for the business
  • Build and lead the delivery capability within the technical team
  • Help the organization reach its objectives
  • Ease things along
Delivered with: an unwavering kindness that makes him the “favorite” of the company


Hidden Talent: As a guitar hero he can play ‘Are you sleeping’ with only one guitar string

Marion Boudy

Project Manager Officer to CEO



  • Coordinate and support management on strategic projects & new businesses
  • Contribute to performance management with Accor
  • Manage commercial relationship with suppliers
  • Frame a structured work organization to improve processes and teams’ efficiency
Delivered with: Organization, availability… a real Swiss Army knife


Hidden Talent:A seasoned hiker and map reader!