Olivia Desprez

What actions or commitments are you putting in place to promote women’s rights?

I believe it is essential to evolve in a climate of trust and solidarity. In my daily life, I try to listen to and support the women around me. I do not hesitate to motivate them, to compliment them or to value their actions. Conversely, I no longer hesitate to intervene when I witness behavior that seems inappropriate towards a woman.

What role model has positively impacted you in your life and what is the lesson he/she has taught you?

When we were teenagers, one of my best friends quickly became involved in the feminist movement, which was not very trendy at the time. She didn’t hesitate to claim to be a feminist and to share her struggles. But above all, she left absolutely no thought untouched and she always put into practice what she claimed. I think that it was not always easy for her because she was often confronted with unpleasant comments but she never gave up. Today, her commitment remains intact as she works with the defender of rights. I learned a lot from her and I was lucky to have her unfailing support.

What typically feminine anecdote would you like to share with the whole Gekko family?

My friend recently gave me a book by Gisèle Halimi, a great lawyer and activist for women’s rights. I strongly recommend that you read it. On the one hand because she tells her incredible story and on the other hand because she comes back on some of her great trials that are chilling. Today we would never imagine having to fight for the injustices she describes and we can only be grateful for the commitments of these women.